Gathering of Women


It is in the gathering of women,
whether to weep or laugh in abandoned honesty,
dripping dreams and fears,

 but never the wine…
that sisterhood of commonality that yes you are different
(but not really THAT different)
and that it’s ok to be strong and frail,
happy and sad,
hopeful and scared all at the same time…
to be assured that we are not in competition with each other,
only past versions of ourselves,

and that we hope we all make it (and actually mean it)…
 It is in these gatherings of women who travel and preach and labor and pray
that you are thankful
and grateful
and loved beyond comprehension,
reminded that it won’t always be easy but most certainly always worth it
so you press ever onward,
ever encouraged,
ready for battle come what may…
For it is here,
in this gathering of feeling and knowing,
that you finally understand:
you are not alone.




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