Plan for the Unplanned

So today I had to travel to one of my offices and on the way back, crossed a bridge that goes directly past the National Harbor. Now I had more work to do for my j-o-b, a kitchen with dishes probably ready to wash themselves, and to top it off – I was sleepy. Very sleepy. So common sense would tell me to go home, finish work, clean your kitchen, get some sleep. What do I do? B-line to my far right lane and take the ramp towards the water.

Plan for the unplanned.

img_20160315_205602.jpgAs I sat there in one of the over-sized beach chairs that lined the green turf littered with little girls doing cartwheels and little boys chasing them, I smiled at the sun facing the movie screen, Ferris wheel, and marina. It’s a Tuesday afternoon. It’s 65 degrees. And I’m supposed to be elsewhere. But it’s simply too beautiful. I could see the traffic backing up over the bridge and reasoned I could be there, or I could be here. I’ll take here for 200…

But I couldn’t be the only one playing hooky on life. A few phone calls later, I had a party. One of my best friends, who happened to have his dog with him (he’s really likeĀ our dog cause I helped pick him out and attended new parent doggie orientation! Well that’s not what it was actually called, but anyway…), and my sister along with my beautiful niece and nephew were all in to enjoy the unplanned. What began as a random trip home from the office ended up being an awesome evening with fam.

img_20160316_001711.jpgThe point of it all? Plan for the unplanned. Do something different. Take a detour and see a new sight. Caribbean vacations are never a bad idea, but it doesn’t always have to be that extravagant. Go to the museum. Visit the park. Take a random road trip. All at the last minute. In this fast-pace world in which we work and live, it’s far too easy to fall into a rut. But sometimes all that’s needed is a little fresh air and a change of scenery. So do yourself a favor. Take an afternoon and get lost. You may be surprised by what you actually find.


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