3/30 (National Poetry Month Challenge)

Me on what it feels like on any given day to try to explain why you are perpetually single. #theEnd


Because it’s so much easier to blame them.
So much more palpable to spout the many reasons this one couldn’t stay,
that one couldn’t get right,
none of ’em could love –
‘least not the way I needed…
I mean what other reason could there be?
Not… me.
Mister almost but not quite there,
6 out of 10 ain’t bad,
maybe if I squint my eyes and turn my head to the left,
Yet he still left like the others
(probably back to his mothers’)
oh I…
sure know how to pick ’em.
But it’s so much easier to blame them.
So much more realistic to say
Mister couldn’t keep it in his pants,
eyes always roving looking for his next… ex…
I’m the next… best thing to wifey
Oh they like me
just don’t wife me –
Oh it’s him alright.
I mean what other reason could there be?
Not… me.
Mommas boy,
never learned how to balance a checkbook but can bounce a basketball
no credit having
still owes me money
Twenty-five ain’t seen me in a long time
It’s been a long time
since I’ve been loved
‘least the way I need me some lovin
And it’s so much easier to blame them
But who’ll believe it?
Not… me.

5 thoughts on “3/30 (National Poetry Month Challenge)

    1. That’s definitely a start to strike against the norm 🙂 Thank, Luke! This piece was definitely an interesting one to write. But it is what it is – I take the good with the bad and appreciate the very special life I have, even if it’s not always exactly the life I want 🙂 thanks for love, love…


  1. This is a soul searcher…sure, there’s those without credit and who need glue to keep them “in their seats” (at least their eyes if nothing else) but then we look internally and begin to tweek ourselves. Always love your pen, sis. Kinda reminds me of Jilly’s sentiment on her track “Prepared”.

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    1. Elle, belle! Thank you, girly. It’s a soul searcher indeed. Sure we run into the bad ones, but there are times we have to look within ourselves to see what was lacking so that we allowed that person into our space. Goes both ways… hoping the pendulum swings in your favor next. xoxo


  2. A tear welled up in my eyes reading this!! I love the truth and honesty in this piece. It’s easier to explain the why not than the what if’s….or maybe it’s the same thing because it’s a vicious cycle. Keep writing girl…you will one day be writing something that starts “and so he told me to put my weapons down, I didn’t have to fight no more”. #smooches

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