4 NOLA must-do’s for foodies

When I think of cruises, generally ports like Miami are what come to mind. Flying to Miami, enjoying the beaches and nightlife, and then hopping on a ship. New Orleans? Not so much. So when I found out that this year I’d be cruising from the New Orleans port, I was like whaatt?? To be honest, I didn’t even realize New Orleans had a port. When I think of New Orleans, I think of Essence Music Fest, Cafe Du Monde, and Bourbon street… and not necessarily in that order. Cruises, though? Never. But what an amazing port of call, especially for foodies…

Having a blast on bourbon street

The last time I was in New Orleans, it was for Essence Music Fest. And while I enjoyed the festival and concerts, due to circumstances beyond my control I didn’t have the greatest experience. So I’m gonna call that one a wash and make plans to try the festival again (anyone down for Essence Fest 2019?). The only other time I was in New Orleans was to do relief work after Hurricane Katrina. And while that was some of the hardest manual labor I’ve ever done in my life (we did mold remediation and cleaned out a Kingdom Hall – a place of worship – down to the frame and studs), it was a memory I will always cherish and it was then that I really fell in love with the city.

So this time, coming to spend a few days with my homegirl before boarding the ship for our western caribbean getaway, I hoped to just be in the moment and enjoy everything we could come upon in our wanderings. And what did we come upon most? Food.

So much yummy, well-seasoned, cajuny, delicious food. And while I’m not exactly what you would call a foodie, I’m sure the following places should be on any foodies list when visiting the great New Orleans.

Bourbon House Seafood

My first bourbon flight!
My first bourbon flight!

Three words: ah. maa. zing. Simply amazing. You know the food is good when you’re already full but have to order dessert just cause. Plus – bourbon is in the name, so, yea… Do yourself a solid and eat at Bourbon House, which is actually located on Bourbon Street and features local in season seafood. Our beverage server, Beatrice, and our food server, Kyle, made sure we were in want for nothing. With recommendations for the bourbon flight (I’d never had a bourbon fight before so why not?!) and bbq shrimp po’bays… we ate like fat cats and savored every single bite.

Bbq shrimp po boy from bourbon house

And after the insanely good po boys, we had to order dessert. We felt… compelled. At the moment, I cant even remember what this thing was called (I know, awful… I’ll update this when I do), but I remember it was delicious. And pretty. See?

Exactly. So yes, Bourbon House for the win. Go get you some.


Located at the base of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside on Poydras Street, where we happened to be staying, is Drago’s. It’s right on the river, across for Harrah’s, and not far from the French Quarter. We were actually headed somewhere else but two minutes outside hotel it started to pour, so we promptly turned around agreeing that night belonged to Drago’s. Good decision. Great food, great staff – ask for Lauren.


Now this one came about by way of a friend turned local who invited us out. We had heard we should get out of the city center and make our way to locals favorite Morrow’s and even despite the long wait and having to contend with the rain… it was worth the effort.

There was a group of 8 of us, and once we were finally seated, the food ccame airly quickly. Every thing that came out looked delicious, but I ordered the cajun shrimp alfredo w catfish. Yuumm… I will definitely visit Morrow’s again.

Cafe Du Monde

I already knew I’d be making my way to Cafe Du Monde for some warm, sugary, I-shouldn’t-be-eating-these-things beignets at some point and time, but once again they did not let me down. There are actually several locations now, but the original Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street is an extremely popular spot so be prepared for lines and lots of people.

They are cash only so hit up the ATM first and note that an order of beignets comes with 3 on a plate so order accordingly. There are plenty of tables but they are seat yourself, first-come, first-serve so you gotta be quick (or strategic) if you want one. It was so crowded the day that we went, we asked a couple already sitting if we could share their table and they graciously agreed. We paid for their beignets. It’s open 24 hrs and worth the visit so be sure to pop in if you find yourself in the french quarter.

Have you tried any of these places already? What did you think? Have any of your own favs to add to the list? Let me know, I’m sure I’ll be back…



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