Another Lonely Autumn…

I know, sounds dreadfully depressing. But I promise you it isn’t… well not really. It kinda is, sometimes. But for the most part… let’s start over.

I really love Autumn. It’s my favorite season… for real. 

Now that we’ve officially gotten that out of of the way – “another lonely Autumn” is pretty much the way I’ve warmly greeted every leave-falling, color-changing, wind-blowing fall for the last few years. It’s a bit melancholy, yes. But it’s also like a challenge… like c’mon Autumn, what ya got for your girl this year? A gentle, playful nudging in the right direction that this Autumn will finally treat me right. And whether I’m Ella Mai “Boo’d Up” or truly on some solo trip – Autumn will always be my best time of the year.


That being said – as my girl Shirley put it in her Autumn Boyfriend post, there’s just something about Autumn that makes me think of love. Mind you – I’m thinking of love during the other seasons too cause the way my mind and heart is set up, but anyway… there’s something special about Autumn love. It’s that bonfire and booties kind of love. That hot chocolate w Bailey’s and s’mores kind of love. That thick scarf, hand-in-hand, chimney-scented, scruffy-face kinda love. Ok, pause.  Lemme chill. I’m currently at my 9-5 not experiencing any of those kinda loves so I’m gonna fall back right now but y’all get it… it’s that kind of love that makes Autumn love special.

And it doesn’t even have to be actual love, love… the blossoming of love will work. Which is funny since Autumn is less about blossoming and more about leaves dying but that is neither here nor there… I blossom in the fallMe. I love the cooler temperatures and I’m rather fetching in a long, wool duster. screenshot_20181017-133435_instagram4446297736944179560.jpgAnd… it’s cuddle season! I know some say cuffing season, but I prefer cuddle… it’s sounds sweeter and in my case, more likely. Even if I’m cuddling Blake, my fabulously over-sized but very appreciative blanket. (Yes I named it Blake… judge not.) But yes, this is the season of cuddling, and hayrides, and corn mazes, and apple picking, and Jill Scott-type long walks (so much better with a real person, though. Not Blake. Sorry, Blake.) Just so many things to be thankful for in Autumn.

So I’m thankful. And I’m happy. But, I wouldn’t mind if  this here season ended with a new catchphrase. Til then though… I warmly and maddeningly say “good morning heartache,” I mean “Heelllooo another lonely Autumn. Sit down.”


PS – If you didn’t catch the Billie Holiday reference, I’ll do you this solid but I’m gonna really need you to up your music history game 😉

5 thoughts on “Another Lonely Autumn…

  1. All the feels from reading this 🍁🍂🍃 I completely understand your feelings, especially around this time of the year. The Fall sunsets and hearing the crunch of the leaves as I walk over them will always be the little things I look forward to share with someone. I’m just going to let you continue to write my life through your words. Excellent post!!

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  2. Well-said and well-said again. Love this part: I blossom in the fall. Me. The italics only drive the emphasis of such a truthful statement. It’s such an interesting dichotomy, blossoming during autumn when everything is essentially falling apart around you (mind the pun lol) in such a lovely, electric way. I come alive in the autumn. I write more, I do more, I think more, etc. Anywho, lovely piece, La. And thanks for the shout-out. ❤

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