Scale Wars… Issa Journey.

So I have been on a mission. This mission has been started and stopped many times before (like for years… don’t judge me) but this time, I feel like I’ve actually gotten my mind and body on the same page. Like, they’re friends now. And if you’ve been on this mission before, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

I want to be fit.

Fine fit. Thick fit. Fit fit.

I don’t have a specific number, or dress size, or even date in mind. (Although I am Maid of Honor in a wedding mid-November and I do have a Plus+1 and I really wouldn’t mind being pretty fabulous for him it so if the painful, sweaty, meal-preppy stuff I’m doing can kick in by then, I’d be eternally grateful).

Before one of my grueling workouts over these past two weeks

But yes, not a specific anything. I just know that while I love being a card-carrying member of the “sassy, classy, curvy collective” (I actually did a very, very small stint in the plus modeling world so I have seriously intense love for my full-figured community), I’d like for my stomach not to billow over my drawstring. Yea… it does. I dress like it doesn’t (cause I know how to style curvy bodies – call me) but it does. And I’d love for it not to. And I’d also love for my back not to have (so many) rolls. Not that I have anything against rolls – or even backs with rolls. Like I said, I actually love being thick – and I’d like to remain thick – just, with less rolls. And no billowing. And I’d like to tackle these NYC streets a little more easily – maybe not breathe as hard when I’m ditch the subway for the 8-block scenic route? And while I’m at it – I’d really like to run a 5k… and actually run.

Happily finishing the “Run with Kevin Heart” 5k, Washington DC August 2015

I’ve done 5k’s before – but I’ve never actually run the entire time. I’ve walked, jogged, skipped, limped, and yes did a bit of running but I’ve always had a goal of running an entire 5k race.

Trying not to die after the Black Girls Run 5k, Atlanta, GA September 2012

So yes… I am on a mission. A mission to keep my shape, but lose the fat. So I’ve joined up with Massy Arias and I’m following her #MA60Day and #MAWarrior program. And it’s hard. Like… really hard. But for the last two weeks (I thought about blogging about this from the beginning but figured I’d better get some workouts and clean eating days under my belt and spare myself the embarrassment if I failed yet again…)

Just a lil’ sumthin sumthin ya girl threw together…

I have been cooking ALL of my meals, trying my best to meet my macros (I’ll be writing more about macros soon, promise), and stomping fatty hopes and dreams in the gym. For real. If you follow me on Instagram (@lalovee) you’ll see that I’ve been putting in that work!

Meal prepping for my life.

But that scale… (let’s take a moment to pause and breathe. woosah) That darn scale hates me. And I know what they say (shoot, I’ve said it to my clients as well): go by the inches lost, the way you sleep better, the having of more energy, the way your clothes fit. Yep, I know all of that but still that darn scale. You’d think I was trying to weigh in for a cash-prize fight the way I almost kicked that scale this morning. That thing is truly killing my vibe.

But it’s only been two weeks, and this is a lifestyle change – not a quick fix (even though the wedding…).

Lifestyle change. 

So I will try not to obsess about the number on the scale. The truth is I do actually feel better and have a bit more energy. My workouts have been becoming easier (but by all means NOT EASY – thanks, Massy!) and I actually do feel leaner. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some inches — I didn’t actually measure but my clothes are a tad bit forgiving this week… a little. So it’s progress. And I am falling in love with progress. 

img_20181015_124804_0284691803568619962499.jpgSo as I write this, I know full well the scale wars will probably continue as there are SO many things that influence those numbers. But my lifestyle change will continue as well. And in all serious, it really is not the best/only way to measure progress. I love me and I love the better me that I am becoming. And now that I’ve just about gotten over the 2 week hump, I’ll be chronicling my journey here and on Instagram. Feel free to join me and let me know if you’re on your own journey as well! We can be like… virtual workout buddies?? Bet. See you at the gym.


PS  – did you know that I actually did get my Personal Trainer certification?? I did… I talk about the journey leading up do it in this blog post and I plan to return to the game and train my fellow curvies again!20181019_1416234228927772558876308.jpg And then here I am with my favorite personal trainer, Patrice of Fru Fit, who let me shadow her to get my hours necessary to finish my cert! Since she’s in the DC area and I’m now in New York, she doesn’t train me anymore but I’m still apart of her team and we keep in touch. In fact, if you’re in the DC/MD/VA area and are interested in becoming a fitter you – hit her up and tell her I sent you 🙂

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