Ditch the Gloomies: 6 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day

So you know how you when you walk into a bathroom stall, you’re supposed to make sure the door is locked so that the next person doesn’t open said door wide as all outside to catch a full frontal of you, pants at ankles, nonchalantly seated, scrolling on your phone? Yea… it’s been that kinda day.


…aaand I broke my Beats by Dre’ headphones yesterday. The ones I’d scoured through ebay and stalked auctions cause I am not of the iPhone commune and needed to find a 1st generation pair of Beats before Apply bought them (white and red, preferably) so that the forward and backward buttons would control my music selection, and not just my volume. Can we just throw the whole week away?

Apparently not, because here I am, sitting at my desk, staring at the clock. So… how do you ditch the gloomies and make the best of an awful day? Here’s my top five at attempting to salvage a rough start…

Take a walk.

To me, this is one of the easiest and most simplest ways to calm down and change your mood. Simply get up, and walk away. Walk inside, walk outside, change the scenery in some shape or form. Because often, just getting up and willing yourself to be somewhere else, even for a few minutes, can alter the negative headspace and force you to entertain new thoughts. It may not get rid of the actual problem, but it can at least give you some time to either get your mind off of it, or think of a new way to address it when you return. Plus… who couldn’t use a walk around the block to get in those 10,000 Fitbit steps?

Help someone in need.

So this is one of those, really girl? points. But it really works, fam. Whenever I am sad, or depressed, or in a bad mood – if I find someone who genuinely needs my assistance and I can do something to help them – it automatically makes me feel better too. Again, it doesn’t necessarily make my gloomy day sunny, but I do believe making someone else’s gloomy day sunny absolutely does something for the soul. Look it up – it’s in the bible. lol.

“There is more happiness in giving than receiving.”
– Acts 20:35

Make a list.

Y’all know I am partial to lists so don’t even act surprised. But not just any ol’ list. This is an “I’m grateful for…” list. Because often when we are sad and gloomy and in our own way… we forget about all the things going right in our lives. Never mind the fact that we are living and breathing and moving and stuff – but if you ate today, and had clothes today, and shelter today then you are doing better than a lot of people living on the earth. In fact, according to Worldbank.org, “In 2015, 736 million people lived on less than $1.90 a day” So, if you are living on more than $2 today… make a list and fix your face. I say that with love… (and I’m talking to myself).


Yes. Move the booty. Exercise. And you don’t have to go to the gym. You can dance. Swim. Run. Lift. Play. Do something active to get your blood flowing and increase your energy levels. Often when the day is grey, we feel sluggish and slow and truly want to hide under covers. But often, that’s not possible at the moment. Like me. Today. At this desk. Eyeballing the clock. So exercise is good. And then the other benefits of exercise like promoting good heart, skin, and brain health along with weight loss and better sleep quality aren’t bad either.

Blast some music.

Now look… This probably isn’t the time put the breakup playlist from ’96 on repeat. If you need to cry, cry… but please don’t put on the music that’ll make you cry. I’m talking some good ol’ fashion hip hop. Trap if ya need to. Lol. Just something that will at least get your head bobbin’ and probably get you a sideeye from your boss. Blast it. Level up in those headphones and let the bass soothe your weary soul. Music is life and when you’re having a bad day – this is the time to let it do its thing.


Last but certainly not least, pray it out. Some things just can’t and won’t be fixed on our own. In those times of true sorrow when you really can’t find an answer, close your eyes, let the tears flow, and utter the things you can’t share with another human. Unsure of how to pray or if it even works? Check out this article on prayer that has helped me out on numerous occasions. I can assure you my problem may still be there after, but I always feel lighter when I talk it out and let it go, as best I can.

So those are my top six, fam! And I must admit, just writing about it made me feel a bit better. Also seeing that the time is closer to quitting time has also lifted a girls spirits! Does anything on this list speak to you? What things do you do lift your mood on a cloudy day? Don’t be stingy, do share…


5 thoughts on “Ditch the Gloomies: 6 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day

  1. Hmmm I was looking for a real big reinactment of the baño melee but didn’t get it! Boo! I’m sorry this has been a sucky week girl! A lot of us deal with many of those. Love the list-there’s nothing a 2003-2005 nostalgic playlist can’t fix! I also make lists of what’s going right for me in the world-we have a lot to be thankful for amen amen. Gotta learn to appreciate what we have. And prayer and meditation are always go-tos! Stay strong girl boss…dust yourself off and keep hustling!


  2. I read somewhere that if you smile for 5 or 10 seconds (forgot which so I just go for 10 lol) it lifts your mood. It really works! It’s hard to stay gloomy when you’re smiling and yes music and prayer are a must. Hope you find more Beats!


  3. Great list La thanks for sharing! My favorite 3 of the list; Pray, help someone, and blasting music. Works every time! ❤


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