Live. Your. Life.

So get this… everybody has dreams right? At some point in their life, young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad – everyone has had a dream. A goal. A wish. An idea of how “x” would be if “y” happened. So what happened? What thing occurred (or didn’t occur) that caused “y” not to happen. When did the dream die?

Truth is, things happen. People grow up. Dreams fade. It’s just the eventuality of life as we know it. Peter Pan has to eventually leave Never Never land and get a job. Otherwise, who’s paying the rent and buying the pancakes? I get it. But at some point, there must come a time when you decide to step on out there. Take that chance. Make that move. Because greatness never came from a comfortable place. Nobody just wakes up and finds a million dollars under their pillow. (And if they do, my number is 555…)


But really… there comes a time when regardless of how you were treated as a child, who hurt you in the past, who did or didn’t show you love… everybody has to take an honest assessment of where they are in life and decide if that’s where they want to be. We all have limitations – some way more so than others. Life is cruel, and unfair, and so many other awful things. But it’s also a gift, and every day you breathe is another day to be just a little bit better than you were the day before. But only if you make it happen.

So today’s message is to live your life. Live it. Cause no one else can live it for you. And every action has a reaction, a consequence. So please don’t be fooled into thinking I am telling you to go be reckless. I am not. But live with intent. Live with purpose. Live. Be better. Because at the end of if all, we’re each accountable for what we did, and didn’t do with the breath we were given.

What are you doing yours today? Me and mine have big plans 😉 Feel free to share…


2 thoughts on “Live. Your. Life.

  1. Hey cuzzo i really appreciate how you brought out that no matter how you were treated as a child or who hurt you in the past, you still have to get back your A game. Some remarkable things about to resurface for me…. old but new opportunities and despite the struggle I’m ready, ready to be that success story and the dreams that were taken from me…..I’m ready to take them back!! Happy blogging Sis👸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m soo happy you enjoyed the article and I’m looking forward to see what you have coming in the near future!! Time to take those dreams back xoxo


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