What I Wore: Black Pencil skirt and Yellow Pumps

What’s better than a little black dress? Black separates! Especially when you want to have a little more control over specialty sizing (read: your waist to hips ration is off the chain). That’s what I wore to a special assembly event at Stanley Theater in New Jersey this past weekend. It was pretty chilly, but didn’t warrant boots and I still wanted to be modest and cute. I highlighted the all-black attire with yellow suede wooden-heeled pumps and blue fringed earrings with yellow and highlights.

Details on where to purchase these or similar items below. Most all items are budget-friendly and specifically chosen with my curvy girls in mind. Note, some of them may be affiliate links where I get a small percentage or perk from the purchase. Happy shopping, lovelees! Let me know how it works out for you 🙂


Black boat neck top: Adrienne Vittadini, purchased at TJ Maxx.
If you shop at TJ Maxx, you know how it is… see it once, never again LOL So I don’t have a link to that particular top, but here are a few similar items I found for you:

Black pencil skirt: Fashion to Figure.
I purchased mine quite a while ago so while I’m posting the link to the white and fuscia one currently on their site, I don’t see one in black so I’ll post other another option.


Blue fringed earrings: Forever 21 accessories (I think)
Ok y’all… so I am preeettyy sure I found these beautiful fringes running through Forever 21 in a lunchtime haze but  now that I’m scouting their site, I don’t see them. So, as usual… I am offering alternatives 🙂 I hope they work!


Yellow Suede pumps with wooden heel: 1 Slate purchased from DSW
So y’all do understand that I purchased all of these items before I started this section of the blog, right? I promise I’ll do better. When I purchased these, it was from clearance rack (always check the clearance rack), and of course they are not on the site any longer. Here are a few options though!

Are you a fan of “What I wore?” Have you seen me in something that you want deets on?? Screenshot and send me a pic, or comment below! Also, be sure you’re following me on Instagram @lalovelee and  Facebook comment on items you’d like to see include on the blog!


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