Forget the mistake. Remember the Lesson.

I make a lot of mistakes. Like, a lot. Sometimes big, sometimes small, always wrong. Mistakes in money, mistakes in friendships… according to my stomach, that salted caramel shake last night was definitely a mistake. Like… they are endless. But guess what? I survived each one, and I’ve learned my lesson. And that is the key. Every. Single. Time.

Mistakes are honestly just a part of life. We are imperfect people. Show me a perfect person and I will show you a sack of lies. Like really, there is no getting around the fact that at some point in every day – we are going to do the wrong thing. Or at least, not do the best thing. Depressing? Doesn’t have to be. Because we can always be better than we were yesterday. And better doesn’t mean perfect, it means… better. If you get a cup of coffee today for $2, but tomorrow that same cup of coffee is only $1 – I’d say that’s better. Now, sure it would be perfect if it were free… but don’t sleep on that $1. Better is better.


So what to do with all these mistakes we collectively amass? Well, we learn. There are plenty new mistakes to make tomorrow – no need to repeat those of today. Take your hits and learn the lesson. Some of them are light and airy, but some of them are pretty heavy. Some of our mistakes really hurt. Hmph, some of our mistakes hurt other people. Some of our mistakes have grave consequences. You’ll reap them all – make no mistake. But at some point – you have to learn the lesson. Otherwise, where is the growth? Where is the better?

Easy, right? Not at all. Some of us are just gluttons for punishment. Raise your hand if you make a mistake and replay it over and over in your mind. Go on, don’t be shy…


Yep, me too. Just gluttons. It’s hard to let things go. Especially when you knew better. You’re better than this, La! I know it… So yea, go on ahead and ponder the issue. Make sure it sifts down really good, really deep, and settles into the place where learning happens. You need to get the point, reeeaaally understand the effect of your action, but then you have to learn. And if you’ve hurt somebody in the process – allow them their time, too. Just because you’ve done your sifting and your learning and now have let it go, that doesn’t mean they have to be done with their sifting, too. We’re all out here just bumping into each other and learning our lessons. So give it time.

And then forget. Not the lesson – just the mistake. And not in the “I can’t remember that stupid thing I did so let me do it again” way either. No… forget it in the sense that you don’t bring it up again. You don’t dwell on it. You don’t pick it up and put on your back every single morning you wake up and go. Because that’s not healthy. And that doesn’t help you get better. Do the work. Get the healing. Make the amends. Take the time. Learn the lesson. And forget the mistake.

And if you just so happen to see me in these streets with another salted caramel shake… feel free to remind me of this blog post.

Does anybody have something they need to forget and remember? Do share!

Love y’all.


4 thoughts on “Forget the mistake. Remember the Lesson.

  1. I read your article. More then anyone can know, I have made some mistakes in life. Some of those things cost me dearly to the point that my life has been altered…forever. Some people really believe that men can’t cry. But when they do realize as much as we would like to take on the world blow by blow, brick for brick we collapse on our own demise. So a long time ago, i vowed that if couldn’t get past the mistakes i made i would ALWAYS get back on my feet. If i just have to take these hits and die i will do it standing on my feet. Beautiful article.


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    1. Thank you, Rodell! I know you’ve been thru quite a few challenges but it’s sooo good to see you carrying on and making better decisions!! Bravo to you, keep that same energy! xoxo


  2. ” Just because you’ve done your sifting and your learning and now have let it go, that doesn’t mean they have to be done with their sifting, too.”

    I could FRAME that!

    Great post! A wonderful reframe I have adopted is to think of mistakes as “data points”.
    My goal is to make as BEST use of all of the data points I am collecting.


    1. Data points. I love it, and makes perfect sense. Glad you enjoyed the read love! Thanks for commenting and be sure to share 🙂 xoxo


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