Anthropologie goes A+!

So if you’ve been following me and my fashion for a while, you’ll not be surprised that I was totally geeked out upon learning  that my beloved Anthropologie was planning to launch a plus size division. It claimed to garner the same high-quality boho-chic trends that I’d come to love and wear – that is, as long as the material had enough lycra for these hips. And in most cases in the past, it did not. But over the years, there were still a few pieces I’d been able to slide my way into, and I’m happy to say those are still in rotation. However, knowing that the store I’d frequent if only for the sale racks (because the way my account is set up) would soon be carrying plus made my already anxious budget scream a little bit louder. Sorry, not sorry. Momma’s going shopping.

20190417_161542.jpg“Say hello to APlus by Anthropologie – our first-ever collection of plus size clothing for women. From essential tees and jeans to statement-making dresses, coats, and skirts, our assortment of new plus size clothing is thoughtfully designed by our in-house team and finished with Anthropologie’s signature charm and whimsy.” This is how the website describes its newest addition to the Anthro family. I went on a little trip to see if this indeed was the truth.

20190417_161708.jpgI’ll begin by saying this: it’s a very good start. While the entire collection is available online, Anthropologie+ has launched in only 10 brick and mortar locations as of now. Even though this womps for those not close enough to go in store, living in New York does have its perks so I got you, sis. I got you.  Instead of arriving to an afterthought corner on a danky basement floor, usually where the larger sizes are housed in shame (unless they are online only – even worse), the New York Rockefeller location brightly promoted the new A+ selection on the main floor spanning a few different areas. Like, I actually had to turn a corner to review the entire collection… slow cap for that. 20190417_161751.jpgThere was also a prominent window displaying solely A+ fashions in pretty, spring hues on noticeably fuller, busty mannequins.  And I should note that while it did have its own separate section, it did not feel like I was in a separate store. I even had to laugh when a few size 00’s wandered through, slightly flustered they could not find their size. Sorry, girl…

20190417_161823.jpgI gathered as many items as I could, so many in fact, that twice an employee cleared my arms to start and then add to the fitting room they started for me. In all, I ended up with 23 different items to try on. 20190417_174548.jpgEven though I didn’t see any sales associates who were actually full-figured, I never felt like I was being eyed like the “big girl” or treated any differently as I happily wandered around the store with my size 16s and 1X’s in tow. And as I strolled into the fitting room, waiting for the sales rep to gather my clothing into my room, I spotted a woman wearing the cutest Kimono. Spying my interest, a friendly African American woman named Nicole, who turned out to be the stylist on duty, introduced herself and quickly became my Anthro + guide for the evening. She also volunteered to take a few photos for me as I told her I’d be writing up this blog post on their latest addition. Shout out to Nicole for the outstanding customer service. I’ll be back girl, let’s do lunch.

Pilcro Striped Dress, 16W, $140

Ok, so findings: Most items actually fit me true to size. Depending on the brand and material, I can easily fluctuate in any given store between a 14 and an 18, generally landing in the 16 slot. However, since my top is a bit smaller than my bottom, often plus-sized tops drape too large on my frame while straight-sized pants fit too snuggly, if they go all way up at all! Anthropologie + was pretty on cue. The size 16/1X tops were definitely a bit too large, but the 16 bottoms (with the exception of the Pintucked Chino pants – they fit oddly) tended to fit my hips and bum well.

Bolano Dress, 16W, $160

The sizes overall ranged from 16W – 26W and they carried the same pieces in their straight size collection with no change in price (Again, note – the prices are a bit on the higher end. This is just Anthropologie. It is what it is… #kanyeshrug). This also is of note as some stores that have chosen to carry larger sizes only carry them at higher prices – for that, we are not amused. But thankfully, Anthropologie did not fall into that insulting trap.

Canovas Striped Jumpsuit, 1X, $140

Some of my favorites included the Canovas Striped Jumpsuit, Pilcro Striped dress, Woodblock Midi Dress, and the Bolano Dress. And while the Rosa Ruffled Plus Dress and the Rayne Sleeveless Buttondown were cute, they both ran a little large. Items that also offered promise but were oddly proportioned on me included the Juno Printed Dress, Ciserone Cupro Joggers, and the Casablanca Silk Shirtdress.

I will say though, even though that shirtdress didn’t really work well for me as a dress it was super cute as a kimono-type robe over a spaghetti strap top and their skinny jeans (also one of my favs).  I’ve included some fitting room shares for your viewing pleasure, and like any good stylist would, I encourage you to go and try on for yourself – if you’re able. Hopefully my pics can be a guide, but if you’re shopping online according to the website, they do accept returns via mail and in store.

Jimson Top, 1X, $80 paired with Tulley Textured Mini Skirt, 1X, $98

And if you tend to fall in between sizes like I do, don’t be ashamed to mix and match! The beauty of carrying extended sizes is that I can purchase my tops in a straight-sized medium or large, but get my bottoms in a 16W. Or, like in the case of my new favorite joggers with oh-so-much stretch, get them in a large as well!

Justine Jogger, Large, $68

The number isn’t what’s important, the fit is! So kudos to Anthropologie for becoming more inclusive in allowing a larger range of women to feel beautiful in their clothes. Now what I’m really waiting for is these plus-sized items to make their way to the sales room! I told y’all, the way my account is set up…

So what do you think? Have you shopped Anthropologie’s plus size collection? Will you do so in the future? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you have any suggestions for others fashion items you’d like me to cover, shoot me a message or email me at


2 thoughts on “Anthropologie goes A+!

  1. These are amazing!!! That yellow dress had me salivating . And as usual, you made me feel like I was shopping with you. Awesome article


  2. I love Anthropologie and was excited to hear of them expanding their line to plus sizes. The outfits you tried on are super cute! My favorite pieces on you were the striped jumpsuit, mini skirt and kimono.


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