You know what my problem is? Well… one of them anyway. I like a LOT of things. Like… a lot. Makeup, modeling, fitness, singing, writing, traveling, poetry, home decor, learning to play the guitar, preaching, learning Portuguese, and most recently – I’ve purchased a sewing machine. Do I sew, you ask?

Not yet. (Don’t judge me)

So you see, all.things.la.lovely is an outlet for me to express the many, many, many things that make me smile, laugh, ponder, and cry. Things that often keep me awake to the wee hours of the morn. And that’s after my hectic day time hustle in the worrisome world of Information Technology. So I apologize in advance for the randomness of it all. (More of a sorry not sorry type thing, though). But the main point is that you have been warned. And since you’re already here, you might as well stay a while.


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