the thing about Mondays…

7037_10205865089003234_2706571772665090707_nMondays get a bad wrap. It’s not their fault they have the lovely privilege of being the first to greet us after an often busy weekend of either partying or resting or somewhere in between. Somebody has to do it, though, and Monday pulled the short straw.

So here we are at another Monday. And here it is, almost 7:30pm and I have still neglected to check off most of the things in my cute, spiral-bound, gold and white striped Day Designer. (I figured if it was cute, I’d be more inclined to use it). But ok. Truth be told, I haven’t even laid eyes on it today. But I know I packed it for my travel last week, and wrote some tasks to knock off by today and yea… so… today I do not pass go and collect $200. Today, I am the weakest link. Absolutely no life lines.

I didn’t even work out today. Which breaks another goal of mine – never miss a Monday. Maybe it’s because I was tired from traveling. Or perhaps after hosting my ladies night last night, I didn’t get enough sleep. Or maybe there’s just that thing about Mondays. Whatever the case, I have seven days to get my life together because next Monday will not catch me slipping.

How do you function on Mondays? Are you eager to start the new week, or sleepily lamenting another weekend past? Let me know! If your outlooks is positive, may it rub off on me…


Beach Bum


So I’m under my cabana at St. Pete Beach, Florida soaking up the last few rays of sunshine¬† before I have to leave for the airport. I’ve been wanting to make time to set up this blog for the past two weeks – and I choose the last 10 minutes before I have to leave to actually create it. Figures.

I’ll write more about my trip and why I’ve (re)started a blog and how awesome it feels to finally have a new place to write (and publish) the randomness going on in my head at all times. But for now… let me just leave a peace of the beach here, while I bundle my things and make haste for that airport. If I miss my flight, I’ll have a lot more to write about than planned…