4 NOLA must-do’s for foodies

When I think of cruises, generally ports like Miami are what come to mind. Flying to Miami, enjoying the beaches and nightlife, and then hopping on a ship. New Orleans? Not so much. So when I found out that this year I’d be cruising from the New Orleans port, I was like whaatt?? To be honest, I didn’t even realize New Orleans had a port. When I think of New Orleans, I think of Essence Music Fest, Cafe Du Monde, and Bourbon street… and not necessarily in that order. Cruises, though? Never. But what an amazing port of call, especially for foodies…

Having a blast on bourbon street

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Team porcelain or team plastic??


Poll: when you cook and eat @home, do you use paper plates/cups or real plates/glasses? Some friends and I were having this colorful debate last night 😂😂 lol This is the lunch/part of dinner I made today – as you can see, I prefer real plates. I love #presentation, even when it’s just me. What say u? Team porcelain or team plastic?? Lol #food #homecooking #boatarde #almoƧo