5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning

So mornings, in general, are hard. That’s not a question, just a fact of life. Waking out of a lovely slumber to force yourself to start a new day can be difficult. But, what’s the alternative? Not waking up? Yea, I’ll take the alarm clock for 200, please.

So the question, then, is how to make this most necessary task less task-like. The internet and self-help aisle abound with hundreds of ideas and routines to get your mind and feet in total harmony come sunrise. But who has time for all of that? We’re just trying to wake up here! No need to fret, lovelees – I’ve reviewed the masses and threw in a few of my own to bring you my favorite 5 for your breakfast-skipping pleasure (wait – you probably don’t want to skip breakfast unless your doing intermittent fasting) . Hopefully you’ll find a few new ideas to ease that transition from sheet to street.

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I am a Divergent

138da8e51e5f8e3f61eee8d44038a6d1-1.jpgEver been on a traditionally successful path making traditionally successful money in a traditionally successful career and thought to yourself, “If I do {insert traditionally successful task} one more time, I’m literally going to  {insert traditionally non-successful reaction}??”

You haven’t? Ok, no problem. Feel free to exit stage left and read another post. You’re excused. But if you somewhat kinda maybe sorta understand where I’m coming from, pull up a chair and let’s chat.

Have you seen the movie Divergent? (Yes, I know it’s a book series but I’ve only seen the movie – sorry. It was great.) Well in Divergent, as a person entered into adulthood, they had to choose a particular faction and commit to it for life. And if you felt like you fit into more than one, you had to either conceal it or be discovered as a Divergent: a defect, a misfit, a problem.

Hello, my name is La Jones and I am a Divergent.

And while I fully appreciate the need for stability, medical benefits, a 401k, and a steady every-other-week paycheck you could set the clock by, sometimes (and these days a lot of times) all I want to do is swap it out for a writing gig near the beach, or a spot as a makeup artist on a dope set, or a fitness and beauty consultant for all my curvy ladies. All things I do now, but only as a side hustle – never the main show. It’s like I’m a computer-chained IT professional by day, but by night my creative side can flourish and play. And while it used to be satisfied as a background singer, these days it’s getting tired of doing ooh’s and aah’s.

too busy text messageMaybe it’s because the older one gets, the easier it becomes to see that time is precious. Some people are so busy being busy, but not accomplishing anything at all. And spending 8 hours a day doing something you’re less than passionate about can take a toll on the wandering psyche. After all, not all who wander are lost. Maybe just searching for something better. So I plan and I pray and I plan some more, trying to reconcile the love I have of my cute, little apartment and an income that allows me to travel with my desire to make space for the more important things and have more control of how I spend my time.

At the end of it all, I just want to be able to look back and say I made the sacrifices necessary to live a life well-purposed and designed. That is the ultimate goal. To be happy with me and the way I am living, that it reflects my goals and the things that matter most. And until I’m where I want to be, I’ll arrange and rearrange until the pieces finally fit. “Where am I moving?” you ask. “On to better things.”